We are a multidisciplinary center specialized in attending and preventing any type of difficulty and / or learning disorders, development and behavior.

The philosophy of this project is to prevent any problem that may cause a more serious problem and to meet the special educational needs required by children, all individually, both the children themselves and their families . That is, we will work with the educational agents responsible for the education of the child, so that they can collaborate and be involved in the best educational intervention their children need, starting with the acceptance process of the disorder.

In turn, we also intend to have training courses for parents on the education of children and offer a wide range of themes adapted to the demands of families.

Each and every one of the interventions will be individualized and in which it will intervene on the central focus of the problem and not only on the secondary effects it has caused; in such a way that a multidisciplinary intervention will be made.

This business can offer the sector of people to whom it is directed help that can improve their lives, since an intervention on time can curb future associated disorders, comorbidities or any type of illness.

Some of our services are: Learning problems , Occupational therapy , Early attention , Sensory integration , School for parents , Behavioral disorders .